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is the process of workIng with the subtle energy system, ie; the nadis, meridians, chakras and aura to facilitate removal of energy blocks and integration of healing light into the body. It also deals with the way we think as this has a profound effect on our bodily systems and mind. Matter follows energy, this is the fundamental law of energy medicine. By working on issues that create blocks in the flow of energy we can restore balance, health, harmony and peace of mind. Energy medicine is safe and natural. The basic procedure is laying on of the hands on or just above the body while fully clothed. The practitioner will assess your energy system and focus on the areas that require the most attention. Benefits of Spiritual Healing include; relaxation, pain management, emotional release, strengthen the immune system, enhance the body response to other treatment such as chemo and radiotherapy, remove unwanted patterns such as addictions, destructive relationship cycles, and negative self talk, restore vitality, encourage new and effective ways of living a happy and meaningful life.

By learning to understand ourselves and manage our energy we can better deal with stress and the ups and downs of life. Stress is a major factor in dis-ease and illness so by being aware and having a sense of control over your own vibrations you are actively dealing with your own health - plus less trips to the doctor!

Cost $80.00 - 1 hour session.

Alternatively you may like to have an aura/chakra balance and assessment to gain insight into the current state of your subtle bodies, this too is relaxing and revitalising. Cost $60.00 - 1 hour session.

REIKI .....

is an ancient art of hands on healing. The word Reiki means 'Universal Life Force', and it is based on the concept of a trained practitioner serving as a vessel to channel this Universal Life Force energy to the patient. It is gentle, safe, relaxing and encourages healing on all levels of our being. Benefits include; improved sleep, reduce stress, pain relief, promotes inner harmony, clears emotions, aids in recovery from illness/surgery, makes you feel more connected to life and your purpose, improves capacity of understanding which allows you to connect to people and form deeper relationships, helps deal with anger, fear, grief, mood swings, hormone imbalances - the possibilities are endless! Reiki can do no harm, it truly is a beautiful healing space to experience. 

Cost $60.00 - 1 hour session.


can offer answers to your questions and insight into your life. The session will combine methods such as tarot, numerology, holistic counselling, connecting to guides or loved ones in Spirit, and psychic perceptions. Each reading is unique, reflecting the state of your mind body and spirit to reveal empowering information. By tuning into your energy and chosen cards I am able to connect to higher guidance and receive information that may be helpful to your current situation. A reading can present life lessons that need to be overcome, point to resources that can help meet challenges, give reassurance when faced with adversity, be a great tool to advise on how best to handle a difficult situation and see possible outcomes, present choices to encourage personal growth, or just be a bit of fun - after all life need not always be so serious! There are many ways a reading can expand our awareness and show us a new perspective. When we apply these new insights into our everyday lives, we have access to new solutions and opportunities. 

Cost $40.00 half hour session/$70.00 one hour. 


is a basic ritual clearing of a home or business to remove built up negative energy. This residual energy can accumulate over time due to many reasons and can manifest itself in the form of sleep disturbance, ill health,, poor concentration, bad luck, behavioural changes, fear/anxiety, or a general feeling of discomfort in the home. Situations that may require this procedure can include; house/business wont sell, conflict, trauma or abuse has occurred in the dwelling,. after a divorce or change of tenancy, a death or serious illness at the property, previous occupants engaged in drug/alcohol abuse, a home that is always dark or damp due to lack of natural light. 

Cost $60.00 


refers to the process of communicating with and gently moving on a lost soul/earthbound spirit to the Light where they can find peace and move onto the next stage of their souls evolution. An earthbound Spirit can attach to a home, business, land, objects or people. Clearings can also deal with residual energy, and low level entities that can cause havoc and disruption in our lives.

Some physical indications of a lost soul in your home can include; unexplained noises, movement of objects, constant interference with electrical or plumbing equipment (sometimes this is the easiest way a Spirit can tell you its there) cold spots, odours that manifest and disappear quickly, a feeling of being watched, disturbed sleep and feeling physically drained/tired all the time. A spirit who remains earthbound will in most cases be afraid, confused and alone. They are trapped and unable to find a way out - this is why its most important to help them find their way home. If you would like further information on this subject you are most welcome to email me with your questions.

There is no fee for this service. 

* A note on free will ....anyone who wants to change and move forward along a healing journey, or have a reading for insight into the future and current issues must recognise the importance of free will. Most people do not realise the power of choice, instead they move through life as though they are victims of circumstance. Coming to terms with the fact that YOU are responsible for your own life is the first step in acknowledging your own power and thus creating room for change. Understanding that free will and choice creates your reality awakens you to the power that can help build the foundations to create a better life.

   - Blessings to you -